Lanco Medical Group expressed their interest in executing projects in The Salvador

Recently, representatives of Lanco Medical Group, a Colombian pharmaceutical company, expressed their interest in executing projects in the country due to the decrease in crime rates and the increase in security.

In a meeting with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adriana Mira, the executives indicated that years ago they tried to place capital in the territory, but that intention was frustrated because they did not find optimal conditions in the market. Now they see a much more encouraging outlook.

«Four years ago we thought about entering El Salvador, but we did not feel safe or secure enough to be able to bring our investment here; However, we have seen a great change within the country,” said Lissete Hermida, the firm’s director of operations.

«It has been a completely different perception of the country, we are delighted with what we are seeing at the moment. We have seen several important things, not only at the level of personal security, but also at the level of legal security for companies,” Hermida added.

For her part, Mira explained that in the administration of President Nayib Bukele, legal guarantees have been reinforced and that many procedures have been facilitated to start operations.

«Now that they hear the good news that as a Government we have generated in security and openness to investments, companies like Lanco Medical Group are back in the country. They have very good prospects, they see an extremely positive change, and we as a Government are opening the door, facilitating that investment,” said the official.

In addition, he assured that “possibilities are already being explored for this firm to enter the Salvadoran market,” which could mean more direct jobs for Salvadorans, the revitalization of the market, stimulation of competition and the creation of businesses from the activity of these large companies.

Economic advice

The meeting with the representatives of Lanco Medical Group was managed through the work of the economic advisors in the country’s diplomatic headquarters in the region. These ministries have the mission of promoting projects that promote job creation.

According to Mira, with the work of diplomatic officials in the 47 embassies, last year $45 million in investment was made in areas such as light manufacturing, aeronautics, textiles, clothing and energy.


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