Lanco Medical Group

The Group

We focus on institutional sales of complex products and hospital use. However, we also have several distribution and sale products in the regional private sector.

El Grupo


Regional pharmaceutical distributor socially committed to offering a diversified portfolio of medicines that guarantee quality for the health care of the patient and society. To achieve this goal, we work with respected industry producers who share a passion for excellence.

Each country has an institutional purchasing format, which is why our employees are highly qualified to meet any regional demand. In addition, it is worth mentioning that SE-COMISCA, a supranational Central American regional purchasing entity has accredited us.




•  The delivery of high-quality medicines is essential for our purpose of improving and extending the lives of people. Our focus on quality excellence includes continuously improving our standards, technology, and training for our people, as well as learning from our mistakes.

•  We hope to create long-term value for our group and society through a vibrant mission, a focused strategy, and a solid culture. Our strategy is to offer quality products to offer better results for patients in all areas of medical care.

•  We aim to offer medicines and quality products that can produce positive results in the actual world for patients and health professionals. The benefits can range from improving the cost-effectiveness of high-quality care to extending life.

•  Our operations are based on the Lean Six Sigma model.



•  Our team is focused on perfecting the system working not only on the results but also on the process to obtain said results.

•  The group does not compete, it cooperates, its maxim of work is cooperation with the client, following our rigid code of ethical conduct in business.

• Collaboration. We encourage our employees to put the success of their team first and to value the contributions and comments of others.

• We nurture a company culture that is inspiring and empowered, where there is always a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to develop an inclusive environment in which everyone can reach their maximum potential.

• Our values ​​describe the professional behaviors we expect from our employees and that support the culture of our company. These values ​​are a vital part that we use to recruit people, develop them and reward their performance. We focus on personal and team achievements by taking smart risks while keeping high ethical standards.

• Integrity: We care about our people, patients and clients and we commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards in what we do.

Lanco Medical Group