Pharmaceutical Specialties

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity” – Hippocrates.

Lanco Medical Group


Below you will find a list of the therapeutic lines that the group currently offers.


The Team carries out a strict quality control on all the products it sells. It all starts with the choice of suppliers that have high quality standards. Our suppliers must have the accreditation of the World Health Organization (GMP) and depending on the therapeutic area, they must also be accredited by:

  • FDA: United States
  • EMA: Europe
  • UK-MHRA: England
  • AEMPS: Spain
  • INVIMA: Colombia
  • ANVISA: Brazil.
  • COFEPRIS: Mexico
  • CECMED: Cuba

In addition, there are certain bioequivalent and interchangeable products that are marketed in the region that need bioequivalence studies that endorse and prove their use. Marketing of occurs once its quality is confirmed.



Lanco Medical Group works with European and American Pharmacovigilance management protocols.

Inspection of each batch is done from the source, both by the quality department of the laboratory and by a third party, usually SGS, ensuring that the product meets the criteria described in the American, European or Internal Pharmacopoeia. An authorized official entity at the destination country also carries out an inspection once the product reaches the region.

Lanco Medical Group