Corporate Responsibility

“Give of yourself before thinking of oneself” – Rotary

Lanco Medical Group

Our main goal in marketing begins with a fundamental change in the way we do business to reduce the gap between those who have access and those who do not. We are committed to taking more of our medications to more people, no matter where they are.

Our strategy, focusing on expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly, trustworthiness and transparently, allows us to develop our corporate social responsibility, which is supported and rooted in the highest level of the team.

Lanco Medical Group has a solid strategy in aiding a growing population that is aging and with health care needs in constant evolution. Each generic division supplies access to high quality medications, medical information, and health care to millions of people each year.

We have developed a program of strategic donations to the community and the health system institutions where our main goal is to help access quality and efficient health.

Lanco Medical Group
Lanco Medical Group


Our administration includes questions of integrity and compliance as part of standard commercial reviews to guarantee the responsibility of local organizations in each country. We work to proactively identify and mitigate risk exposure so that it can be reviewed and discussed at the management level.

We do not tolerate unethical behavior by our employees anywhere, and we will take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with our Code of Ethics and all applicable laws. We count with a widespread range of measures to ensure that reports of suspected misconduct are fully investigated. We work to take quick and proper action when we find bad conduct.

Our goal is to keep consistent standards in our business practices so that we can offer the best possible care for patients at the regional level.


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